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Rainbow Cake

This past Saturday Sasha turned three. I can not believe how the time has just flown by. At times I miss baby Sasha, but watching her grown and learn has been so much fun. Everyday I am impressed with what she has learned or what she has figured out to do. I am slightly biased, but I think she is the smartest little three year old.


Last year Sasha wanted an Elmo cake, and I created an Elmo cake for her. This year she wanted a fiesta. She gave me a theme and I ran with it. We started out with various dips for appetizers. I made pico de gallo, guacamole, black bean & corn salsa, and a layered bean dip. For our main dish I made chicken tamales, Mexican rice and my own “refried” beans. Everything was so delicious.

To a three year old the most important parts are the cake and the presents. Awhile back I saw this AWESOME cake and I knew I had to make this for Sasha’s birthday cake. She loved it, and it was fun hearing the ooo’s and aahh’s when we sliced in to it, no one had a clue what was under that whipped cream frosting. We surprised Sasha with a piñata, something she specifically asked for. It was fun watching her trying with all her might to break it open.

birthday cake


  1. Coming over for a visit from Jamie@Somethings Burning. Seen you were from Nebraska in the Omaha area and you have a cooking blog….awesome! We live about three hours to the north of Omaha. Where it is frigid cold. ugh

    That cake is awesome…….And those cinnamon rolls……..I shall make them SOON.

  2. A really nice comment from my grandma: “I was lucky enough to have been invited to Great-Granddaughter Sasha’s birthday party. We had a really great time and the food was delicious. Having never had tamales before, I know these had to be the best. Am looking forward to getting the recipes. And the cake was to die for. Heavy in texture, a big surprise in color, and really great tasting. Am so proud of Jamie and her adventuresome cooking.”

  3. This cake is so cool! I might have to make this for my niece’s birthday, though I’m not sure I can wait till August to do it! Thanks for posting it, I really like how yours came out! Lovely blog you have here. 🙂

  4. LOVE the cake! It turned out really well. I added your blog to my reader and am looking forward to trying out some new recipes! Thanks!

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