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Mom and Dad’s Garden

I mentioned earlier that my parents were putting in a giant garden this year. I am going to do my best to blog about it, even though I live two hours away.  A couple weeks ago my dad bought a new Rototiller and started the whole gardening process.

As you can see, the land my parent’s purchased is a small section of the corn field behind their house.


Here is my dad, taking a break to pose for the camera. Even though he had a machine to help him till the land, I think it still was pretty hard work. This section of tilled earth was used to plant over 450 potatoes!

My parents have a long list of other vegetables they are planting this spring. I will keep you updated.

Happy Spring!

P.S. If you live in Omaha, the Farmers Market opens May 2!


  1. That is going to be quite the garden!!! I will share with you what I do to fertilize the garden. Find a farmer that has cattle. Scoop the top layer of dirt/manure out of the cattle yard. Dump on garden. Till in. Enjoy the best produce.
    By doing this I had tomotoes slices bigger than my bread. Delicious, awesome produce!!! Repeat each year if possible.

    Will try the pasta primavera soon.

    I was just in Omaha yesterday. We all were in awe of all the trees and flowers in blossom!! So beautiful.

    1. Kath- Spring has really sprung here in Omaha. Everything is so beautiful and green. I hope you enjoy the pasta primavera!

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