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Garden Update: Part Two

If you are here for the first time, you can see the first photos here and read about the first update here. Over Mother’s Day weekend I went back to my parent’s house and took photos of everything that was visible in their garden. Mom and Dad have planted lots of different things (I think there will be 26 different things) and not all of it is up yet. I am headed back to their house this weekend, and hope to get some shots of the plants that have appeared this week after all the rain.

Dad is planning on eventually putting in Everbearing strawberry and raspberry plants in the beds where the radishes, broccoli, carrots, and lettuce are. I am very excited to watch this garden grow. They have a lot planted, and I hope it all produces a crop.

Some of the vegetables they have planted that haven’t made an appearance include:
Basil -1 package
Dill -1 package
Cauliflower -1 package
Cucumber -3 hills of pickling cucumbers and 1 hill slicing cucumbers
Buttercup Squash -2 hills
Zucchini -2 hills
Giant Pumpkin (25 pounds or larger) -3 hills
Watermelon -2 hills
Muskmelon -2 hills
Carrots -1 bed
Dad called to say he has planted more stuff. Which brings the total to about 30 different things should be coming from their garden. YUM!
Red Bell Pepper -1 package
Sweet Corn -2 varieties (AS AN IOWA GIRL I LOVE SWEET CORN!)
Kohlrabi -1 package
Brussels Sprouts -1 package (VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!)

Here are some of the tomato and pepper plants. Mom and Dad planted 20 tomato plants -12 regular slicing tomatoes and 8 Roma. They also planted four jalapeno plants and four green bell pepper plants.


Red Onions – 80 plants


Red Radish -1 bed

Broccoli -1 bed This is the first time they are growing broccoli. Alex loves broccoli, and this was one of his special requests

Leaf Lettuce -1 bed



  1. Thanks for the reminder that I forgot to plant dill again this year!

    Your family garden looks lovely! 460 hills of potatoes? My goodness thats going to be alot of digging!!

    Happy gardening!

    1. My parents have three little granddaughters, we think their job will be to help pick up potatoes. I am sure we could make a game out of it 🙂

      What do you plant in your garden?

    1. This is my parent’s garden, I live in an apartment with no space to garden in. I can’t wait to grow my own garden someday!

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