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Garden Update: Part One

I went back to my parent’s house for Mother’s Day weekend, and I asked my dad to give me a tour of the garden. I grabbed my camera and a notebook to jot notes. I’ve got a list of almost everything they have planted (26 different things will be planted), and photos of everything that has broke through the ground. It was so fun hearing my dad talk about his garden; it seems he is really enjoying this hobby –as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with his tee time, I imagine. Mom and Dad have planted a LOT of produce this spring. Dad is reading a gardening book, and he said that there is so much more he could plant if he wanted to, I have no doubts. Keep checking in as the plants begin to bare fruit (or veggies).

The List and Photos- Part One
Potatoes -460 hills or 50 pounds of seed potatoes



Next to the potatoes are Yellow Onions -60 plants

Green Beans -1 package –it is barely poking through the ground
Red Beets -half a package –they have just broken ground too

Click here for some of the first photos from the garden.

You can follow up on the garden with part two here.


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