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Penguin Appetizers

Many months ago I found these adorable penguins when I was gawking at foodgawker. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t wait until my next party so I could make them. Luckily for me my penguin loving daughter was having a birthday party. These appetizers were a hit, and they sent the cute factor through the roof.


All you need is two different sized pitted olives (I used jumbo and small), soften cream cheese, whole carrots, and toothpicks.


With a little time and effort you too can have an appetizer that will be a real ice breaker at your next party. Sorry for the cheesy pun, I couldn’t resist.

Appetizers, penguin


  1. How cute!!! Will see if the gluten-free boy would wanna make penguins.

    Keep up the great blog! I LOVE your cinnamon rolls. I have even had a request for the recipe so sent the German girl to your blog. I will have to ask her if she ever made them.
    I knew I seen some yummy looking gluten cinnamon rolls on a blog but could not remember where. The boy will be super excited when we make these!!

  2. I imagine if you use a small piping bag for the cream cheese, the process will go a bit faster and the centers of the tummy will look a little cleaner. CAN’T WAIT to make these!

  3. I love this idea and I have made them before for my friend’s birthday (she loves penguins) but taste wise, you may want to try the feet and mouths with chedar cheese instead of carrots… tastes a lot better!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Ana, my daughter loves carrots (she eats one everyday!) so the carrots worked perfectly for us. However others may want to try the cheddar cheese option!

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