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Baked Curry Fries & Garlic Aioli

Baked curry fries are everything. Potatoes are the ideal candidate for coating in curry powder. By baking, instead of frying, we are saving ourselves a few calories so go ahead and scoop up a few extra 😉 And since they are fries they need a dipping sauce. Garlic aioli is so flavorful on its own but paired with the curry fries the flavors are intensely wonderful.

There is a local restaurant that makes curry fries and you can smell them before you even open the shop’s door. They are something I crave regularly so I decided to give it a go making a homemade version.


While I used a mandolin to slice my potatoes into fries you could just use a knife and cut into thin fries. If you prefer a chunkier steakhouse-style fry your baking time will increase slightly.

Now that I got my method down I foresee many baskets of curry fries in my future. #yellowFingersForLife

What is something you crave from a restaurant and want to make at home?


  1. So simple and delicious. I added a 1/4tsp cayenne for heat. Also used more garlic in the aioli because cloves vary in size. Utilized the leftover fries in a hash for dinner.

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