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Gardening Season!

Are you ready for it? I am! I LOVE gardening season in the Midwest. I’m counting down the days until I can sink my teeth into a tomato that actually tastes like a tomato. This weekend was kick off weekend for the farmers market in Omaha. Unfortunately I did not make it down there –I really didn’t want to deal with the influx of traffic from all the people in town for the Berkshire event. Next weekend though I am so there.

This weekend instead of wandering through the farmers market my husband and I (mostly my husband) built a 6’x4′ garden bed from an old fence my neighbor was tossing out. Score –free wood! I’m trying to figure out everything I am going to plant in it.

So far I have planted:
Bibb Lettuce
Purple Carrots

Need to plant:
Sweet Corn
Jalapeno Peppers
possibly Popcorn

I still have room for more fruits/veggies! Check back as I update my gardening adventures this summer. Things are expanding since my small 4’x4′ square foot garden.

What is on your MUST PLANT list? 


  1. I plant so many things now-a-days that my “must plant” list is too large to list! I’ll tell you what I don’t plant – sweet corn. It’s so available, cheap, and local here that I don’t waste any of my space on it!

  2. I downsized my garden space. Being in WY all summer makes it tough to garden here. Yet I cant not have a garden. Its those REAL tomatoes!!
    I fill the space with tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. Weed it twice. Mulch it very well. My trucker sons water it maybe a few times. A friend picks toms when Im out of state.
    It works out pretty well.

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