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Yellow Curry with Fried Tofu

This past week’s cooking challenge was pan frying. Pan frying is a method of cooking using very little oil. So I suppose the opposite of pan frying would be deep frying 🙂

This is a non-recipe recipe since I used Trader Joe’s Thai Yellow Curry Sauce –it is soooo tasty (we’ve actually eaten this three times in the last three weeks)! For my meat-eating readers, don’t be afraid of tofu! Tofu is good. I used extra firm tofu and it’s texture reminds me of Paneer. Oh you haven’t had paneer before? Well then, tofu’s texture is sort of like a soft hot dog. It really picks up the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with. Branch out a little and try something new.

Tofu comes packed in water, which needs to be drained off and pressed out in order to pan fry. To press your tofu wrap a paper towel around it, then wrap a dish towel around that. Put something fairly heavy on top of your tofu to squeeze out the extra water. I put my two cast iron skillets on top of the tofu and let it set for about 15 minutes, while I was prepping the rest of my ingredients.

What is your favorite tofu dish?

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  1. My fav tofu is just plain fried tofu. It depends on the kind of tofu that was made. Some can be just eaten without any sauce.

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