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Turkey Meatball Subs

Do you ever see something then can’t get it out of your head? That was me last week. Famous cookbook author David Lebovitz posted a drool worthy Meatball Sandwich recipe. After I bring Sasha to school I like to enjoy my second cup of coffee while going through my Google Reader. David’s meatball sandwich had me craving saucy meatballs at breakfast. At this point I knew I wasn’t going to be able to shake those images of meatball subs until I made my own.

The only hitch was I am doing this super fun thing called counting calories (check out My Fitness Pal it makes it easy) and I knew there was no way I would have enough calories for a meatball sub made with beef & pork sausage. I needed to come up with a leaner version that wouldn’t break my calorie bank. Hence the turkey meatballs you see. Don’t worry, these were still incredibly flavorful. My girls who don’t really groove on ground turkey raved about how good they were. Heh heh they didn’t know they were eating ground turkey. 🙂 Although Sasha did tell me that I could have used more garlic because she really couldn’t taste the flavor of it very much. So take note, my six year old recommends more garlic.

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