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The Lorax

This past weekend we took Sasha and 12 of her friends to see The Lorax for her birthday. We had one hour before the movie started to play a quick game and eat cupcakes. Taking thirteen little girls to a movie was a little crazy, but a TON of fun. Most importantly Sasha had an absolute blast!

Since this movie is just out in the theaters I couldn’t find a single Lorax themed birthday thing to save my life. So I had to improvise. While I really don’t have any recipes to share with you, I hope someone will find my ideas or tips helpful if they are planning a Lorax birthday party for their little one.

For the game I roughly sketched out a picture of the Lorax by combining Dr. Seuss’s original Lorax with the movie version (the giant mustache and eyebrows). Using yellow construction paper I cut out one mustache (not pictured) for each party goer. When we got to the movie theater I had Sasha and Penelope stand next to the wall so I could measure how high to hang the poster.

Each girl got a mustache and they wrote their names on it. Everyone lined up and when it was their turn they were blindfolded and spun in a circle six times (that is how old Sasha is going to be 🙂 ), and stumbled towards the poster. I wish I had a photo of all the mustaches on the wall. Only two girls made it on the actual poster. Each time one of the girls stumbled forward all the other girls would giggle and giggle. The giggles seemed to get louder and shriller the farther away from the poster they were. I think the game was a success!

The cupcakes were just from a boxed mix (Funfetti -an all time favorite) and frosted with a simple buttercream frosting. Do you spy the Lorax among the “Truffula trees”?

For the Lorax fur I used Wilton decorating tip 233 and for the Truffula trees I used 8B. Both use the large coupler. His eyebrows and mustache used a small coupler and tip No. 6. The eyes were from Wilton’s candy eyeballs. I like using AmeriColor soft gel paste when I need to dye my buttercream.

The colors I used:
Electric Orange
Electric Yellow
Royal Purple

This week I have to figure out how to do a Cinderella themed birthday cake. It should be fun!

From The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss:
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. 


  1. What a wonderful birthday party Sasha must have had. You are getting more creative all the time. wish we could be there for the Cinderella Party. Take lots of pictures.

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