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Spring Risotto

Happy Monday! Have you been made a fool today? Or did you pull any good pranks? Do tell! I love pranks. However, I didn’t pull any April Fools pranks on anyone today. I hope your weekend was a lovely one. We celebrated Easter with our family this weekend. On Saturday we gathered with my side of the family (minus my busy sister -missed ya!) my Dad got a new smoker for Christmas and he has been playing around with it. He made smoked turkey sandwiches and they were wonderful. My clever Grandma made the most adorable deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs Hens & Roosters

Aren’t these little hens and roosters the cutest? They were so festive and tasty!

Sunday we gathered with my husband’s family. We had brunch –my favorite. I made cinnamon rolls, there was also egg bake, ham, cheesy potatoes, french toast, and a huge bowl of mixed fruit. All-in-all it was a wonderful weekend.

This week is going to be master bedroom makeover week. Finally! I cleared out all the stuff I could carry in preparation to paint. I am so excited! Lately I have been in decluttering mode and now that I am getting ready to paint I am in the “paint all the walls” mode. We will see how I feel after the stupid dark eggplant purple color that is saturating my bedroom is covered up and gone. I will post a before and after shot later this week!

IMG_9771 copy

Ok. I am done rambling now on to the recipe details. Have you ever made risotto before? It really isn’t as hard as I thought. Truth be told I popped in my earbuds and listened to The Moth while I was doing all the stirring, stirring, stirring. It was relaxing. So while I was stirring, relaxing, and listening to The Moth I made a very satisfying creamy rice dish to serve with chicken breasts. To jazz up my risotto I stirred in some caramelized onions and fresh asparagus. It was heavenly and promptly devoured.

caramelized onions, Italian rice, spring risotto


  1. Its been awhile since I made risotto. Looks yummy.

    Our weekend was very busy visiting family in CA and AZ, taking in the ocean, enjoying halibut, and driving a semi home. Before flying out of Omaha we indulged ourselves with Jones Bros cupcakes(enough sweet to sustain us all the way to CA!!) and we picked out granite for our new home. It was a wonderfully crazy busy week!!

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