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Special Brownies

I recently mentioned that I am part of a 52 week cooking challenge. Well I joined a 52 week baking challenge too. So look for at least 2 new recipes each week! Hopefully this is the motivation I need to keep up with posting regularly.

These brownies are special. They are special because they have a very unique ingredient in them. I’m pretty sure in a blind taste test most people wouldn’t be able to tell you what that unique ingredient is. Is the anticipation killing you? Drumroll please………………… black beans! Yup, that’s right, there is a whole can of black beans in these delicious, chocolately, fudgey, brownies.

Picky eaters do not turn up your noses! These brownies taste just like regular ole brownies. No bean flavor what-so-ever! Generally speaking most of us who enjoy the standard American diet could use extra fiber in our day -why not get it in a brownie :). An added bonus is that these bad boys are gluten free. There is NO flour, wheat, rice or otherwise in these brownies. Sometimes gluten free goodies can be a little sandy from the rice flours but this is not the case here. Have I convinced you to try them yet? Please do! They are so good!

While we were enjoying these as a family after dinner the other night, Penelope (age 4) said “Do you know what the secret ingredient is? BLACK BEANS!” If she hadn’t said anything no one would have known. 


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