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My Life Lately

It has been so long since I’ve last posted. Who knew that three children and a husband could keep me so busy?! I feel like I am in a constant state of playing “catch up”. The school year (for my daughter) is winding down, so hopefully things wont be so crazy at our house.


That picture is what my day to day looks like. I get Sasha out the door to school, Alex off to work, then it’s just Penelope and Kasper, piles of laundry, and sinks full of dishes. Last month I did some more recipe development, which kept me very (VERY) busy in the kitchen.

This month is a busy one! Last night looking at my calendar I have more days with something planned than not. I hope to squeeze some blog-worthy dinners into those days. I miss posting! I miss reading the few comments I get!

I skipped a post about Sasha’s 6th birthday. I made cupcakes and a Cinderella doll cake.


I also sewed her a Cinderella dress. She loves it!


These three munchkins keep me so busy! This is a teeny tiny glimpse into my crazy hectic life. It’s my life and I LOVE IT!


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