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Gluten Free Rice Krispies Treats

Gluten-freers rejoice our favorite little guys Snap, Crackle, and Pop created a malt free (gluten free) Rice Krispies cereal you can enjoy. How many people actually sit down to a bowl of Rice Krispies for breakfast? I suspect that 99% of Rice Krispies consumption occurs in Rice Krispies bar form. As with most gluten free items this brown rice cereal doesn’t taste identical to the regular ole Rice Krispies cereal but I kicked up the bar recipe with browned butter, a pinch of Kosher salt, and a splash of vanilla. Simply put, they are phenomenal.


Last week was teacher and staff appreciation week at school so I whipped up a batch of these bad boys so our gluten intolerant staff could indulge themselves too. So head to the cereal aisle at your favorite store and look for these gluten free bad boys.

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  1. I dont think I have met a person that didnt like Rice Krispie treats!!

    Why are they “filling” when eaten as a bar yet leave you hungry when you eat a bowl of them with milk?

    I am jealous of your bedroom makeover being complete!! Our remodel has taken waaaay toooo long. So ready for it all to be finished. Love the crisp white refreshing color of your bedroom!

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