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Death in the kitchen. Or should I replace my microwave?

Maybe the title is slightly overdramatic. Last night when I was making dinner my microwave bit the dust, kicked the can, bought the farm, croaked, just plain died. At least it went out doing what it loved best, cooking delicious bacon.

The death of my microwave has me contemplating whether or not it should be replaced. Do I really need a big bulky box taking up space on my counter top? I do like the ability to quickly heat something up or to quickly defrost meat when I haven’t properly planned for dinner or reheat my day old coffee in the mornings (haters gonna hate). Removing the dead old black box from the counter top would free up some space and make my kitchen seem less cluttery. Hmmm decisions, decisions. I really don’t have the means to have one of those fancy wall mounted units, plus I think it would distract from the 1962 feel of the kitchen (I will have more questions regarding that later).

I’m turning to you for help dear trusty readers.

Is a microwave an essential kitchen appliance?
Would you run out and replace it immediately?


  1. Oh, dear! Mine is probably close to 40 years old and still works fine. I agree it is a big, old box, but the new ones are not nearly so big and much cheaper. If mine finally goes to the big (LOL) microwave haven, I definitely will replace my old one with a brand spankin’ new one!!!

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