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Cheers to 2011!

Our first week of 2011 has almost passed, and I hope the new year has found you (and your loved ones) happy and healthy.  I am excited to see what the new year has to offer. Have you made any resolutions? Or a 2011 bucket list of sorts?

Last year I resolved to eating healthier overall. I think I did a fairly good job. One resolution that I kept without fail was not to buy my daughters any fruit snacks (you know those high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, and various dyes, gummy “fruit” candies?) and they didn’t even miss them at home (they still have them occasionally at their grandparents house). Now I wish I could say that I also limited the amount of sugary candy they ate but that is not the case, especially when every single American holiday is celebrated with candy, gobs and gobs of candy, but we did not over indulge.

My husband and I also drastically cut back on our meat consumption last year. We are not vegetarians but as of late we have been eating a  mostly vegetarian diet. Our meals aren’t centered around a giant slab of meat anymore. This helps the grocery budget out allowing us to have more fresh fruit and veggies. When I make a meal with meat the meat tends to add to the dish instead of dominate it. If you serve me meat chances are I will gladly eat it up, especially if it is prime rib (I have had a mad craving for prime rib lately).

This year I am resolving not to eat at McDonald’s. Why just McDonald’s? It seems that if I am going to have fast food it will be from McDonald’s, rarely do I eat at another fast food restaurant. At times I think this will be an easy resolution to keep. Other times I am reminded how much I love their $2 large vanilla iced coffees and an occasional sausage Mc Muffin from the breakfast menu. Fingers crossed I will make it 365+ days I will let you know next year how I did.

I’ve noticed other food bloggers have lists of foods they want to make/bake over the next year. This is something I want to do to. Here is a beginning list for me. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would like to see me make or something you want to tackle this year.

Cheers to 2011 I hope it is a great one!


  1. Bake more bread
  2. Make delicious flour tortillas
  3. Master naan
  4. Have a freezer stash of stock
  5. Make jam/jelly
  6. Try canning
  7. Make my own sourdough
  8. Figure out how to make a good dal & saag
  9. Make cheese
  10. Expand the soups in my arsenal
  11. To cook more from the recipes I have cut out or bookmarked
  12. Come up with a creamy baked macaroni and cheese
  13. Make my own pasta
  14. Make my own mayonnaise


  1. I have a list of foods to try too. Making successful loaf of bread is one of them!! And a Pho that I like. Hummus that the boy will like.
    My daughter and I took on a challenge to try a new recipe every week. So far this year I have only had the time to make one recipe. Needless to say….its been a challenge!

    Have a great 2011!

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