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Boneless Chicken “Wings”

Chicken wings are one of my favorite happy hour appetizers. Once I turned 21, I frequented one of the favorite sports bars in Cedar Falls that had cheap beer and cheap wings during happy hour.  Beer and wings would be my meal. I love the combination of the hot wing sauce, the cool bleu cheese (PLEASE NO RANCH!), and crisp celery; it is finger-lickin’ good. When I was pregnant with Sasha I constantly craved anything labeled “buffalo chicken”, I would still indulge myself knowing that later I would have massive heartburn.

Chicken wings are good but a lot of work and gnawing around bones isn’t ideal for small children; hence the boneless version seen here. I used boneless skinless chicken breasts, which I sliced into about 1 inch strips and cut the strips into about 1 inch chucks.

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