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Sugar Cookie Bars

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow (in case you didn’t know). If you want to make something for your sweetie, child, coworkers, mailman, or just for yourself these are the perfect no fuss Valentine’s Day dessert.

I think decorating sugar cookies are so much fun, and it is something I want to get better at doing. But maybe rolling, cutting, baking, coloring icing, flooding cookies, and piping pretty designs on to something that will be quickly gobbled up isn’t your thing then these bars are the answer to your low hassle sugar cookie desires. You get the wonderful sugar cookie and frosting flavor in a simple bar.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day dessert? 

I love creme brulee. It was the first Valentine’s Day dessert I shared with Alex. We ordered it from at the Standard Hotel while we were in Los Angeles. Splitting a creme brulee was sort of our “thing”, we even shared this dessert the night he proposed. :) 

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