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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

I know Christmas is still a ways away and I am not one to rush into the holiday. I hate seeing all the Christmas stuff go up in stores the week of Halloween. I despise all the TV ads targeted at purchasing a whole bunch of stuff for your loved ones. I fall more into the “let’s take one holiday at a time folks” camp. So please forgive me that I am going to talk about gift giving today. Trust me, I have a good reason for doing so!

Homemade Vanilla Extract

I have been saving this post for months, since this summer actually. I personally think homemade gifts are fun. I was so excited about this homemade extract I started gifting it to friends as soon as it was ready. If I was thinking I should have saved it for Christmas. That is just the way I work. I get really excited about something and it is nearly impossible for me to just sit on it and wait. So my friends have already sampled this extract. Maybe I can offer them refills for Christmas?

Vanilla Extract

If you want to gift friends, co-workers, family, your hairdresser, teachers, etc with homemade vanilla extract you need to get on it this week! It takes about four weeks before it is ready. Any additional time will just intensify the flavor. I purchased my vanilla beans and brown bottles off of Amazon. The vodka was on sale this summer at the grocery store. I picked up my baker’s twine and labels from the craft store.

All you need is alcohol and vanilla beans. Easy peasy!

I did not add any vanilla beans to my small bottles. It looks really pretty but I just didn’t want my giftees to have the beans spoil and get sick.

Use in your favorite recipe. It smells so delicious that I’ve been tempted to pour over ice and call it a drink.

Are any homemade gifts in your future? What are you giving this year?

My favorite things to make this recipe easier:

homemade gift


    1. After looking at all your yummy food, it would be a great idea to attach one of your recipes that uses vanilla extract to the gift.

  1. You are so funny. For sure, your friends thought that they are having early Thanksgiving present since vanilla is needed for some Thanksgiving recipes. For sure, they will be pleased to get some of this homemade vanilla for the rest of next year… Thanks for the share.

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