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Autumn Salad

I’m a salad lover and I’m not talking about your light side salad, I’m talking about salad as an entree. When I got to middle school they offered chef salads twice a week. You can bet I piled on all the toppings: broccoli, carrots, cubed turkey, chopped egg, cheese, croutons, sunflower seeds, why not -the more the merrier. I did this every Tuesday and Thursday for three years.

Last fall I started seeing all these delicious salads popping up all over the blogs. Salads with nuts, and cheeses, and fruits, and veggies, and, and, and. These were my type of salads. I’ve made several salads like this over time. Lots of time I declare dinner to be BIG SALADS with a little of everything. I love it, my girls love it, and my husband will eat it. Here is one such delicious salad. I hope you enjoy it!

chopped salad


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