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Christmas Tree Brownies (Gluten Free)

The countdown to Christmas can be done on one hand now. Your children (grandchildren, nieces/nephews, etc.) have been out of school for a few days now and might be getting antsy. Well I am here to save the day. Have them whip up some of these adorable Christmas tree brownies for Santa. I assure you this is what he really wants.

Gluten Free Brownies --Christmas Trees

Decorating cookies takes skills. These brownies don’t. You can drizzle on the green royal icing, toss on some sprinkles, and they will look FABULOUS. I made these gluten free using King Arthur’s gluten free flour blend. I also used Synder’s gluten free pretzels for the trunks. You can use your favorite brownie recipe (or boxed mix) and pretzels if your Santa isn’t gluten intolerant 😉

I opted for royal icing since it gets hard. I didn’t want to worry about smeary green icing since I had to travel with them. Have fun decorating these cute little Christmas trees.


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