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Poaching Eggs

Poaching eggs. What I am talking about is a cooking method, something completely legal as opposed to snatching eggs out of nests. Sometimes I put off trying something at home because I am afraid it will be too difficult. I consider myself to be fairly adventurous in the kitchen, so it seems silly that I waited forever before trying something like poaching an egg. This weekend, on a whim really, I decided to serve poached eggs for breakfast. I know that without a doubt they will make a frequent appearance at future breakfasts.

Much to my surprise it was waaaaaay easier to poach an egg than I thought. Maybe I got lucky but I doubt that. In hindsight I wish I would have made a little egg poaching .gif but my kitchen is 1) dark and 2) my over the stove lamp light burned out. As soon as I get that bulb replaced I will update you with a .gif. Promise! There is however a lovely yolk splitting gif at the bottom of the post.

I am sorry to all you nonbreakfast eaters out there. I promise my next post won’t be about breakfast 

A poached egg is essentially an egg cooked in super hot (but not boiling) water. The white cooks and becomes firm while the yolk remains soft. Soft runny yolks are the best. When done it looks very similar to an over easy egg without all the crispy fried parts. Does that make sense? I highly recommend you try one!

Just because this recipe is about eggs doesn’t mean you have to eat them for breakfast. I think a poached egg would be wonderful on some angel hair pasta, or topping blanched asparagus or sautéed spinach served for dinner.


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