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Breakfast Pizza

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? We got an unexpected 8 inches of snow this weekend and schools were canceled today. I am going to guess this will be the last snow storm/blizzard of the winter especially since it is going to be 50 degrees F later in the week. Spring will be here soon. I can’t wait for the grass to turn green, for my lilacs to bloom, and to plant my garden.

It is no secret around here how much I love breakfast/brunch it is my most favorite meal. This weekend I made a quick and easy breakfast pizza. To make it even quicker and easier I bought a pre-made thin pizza crust instead of making my own. Eggs and bacon don’t take too long to make but if you are really pinched for time (and have the gift of forethought) just scramble up a few extra eggs and cook up a few extra strips of bacon at breakfast time the day before. I love to cook once eat twice!

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  1. Yum! Will definetly have to try. I have always been intimidated by homemade breakfast pizza but you make it sound so easy. We love to do egg cups here at our house. Put cracker/chip (we like doritos or cheese nips) in the bottom of a muffin tin. Line the sides of each tin with a piece of already cooked bacon. Crack an egg in the center and bake. Top with cheese right before done. Yummy! Happy Snow day!

    1. I love Casey’s breakfast pizza. It is a road trip favorite. Last time we were home we picked some up and I thought I can make that!

  2. My family loves breakfast pizza but I dont share their love for eggs. They rave over the quiche I make every once in awhile tho I have never eaten even a nibble of it. Oregeno is what we always use with eggs.
    A special breakfast here is coffee cake but its not quick.

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