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Breakfast Burritos

It is no secret that I love breakfast. Especially on the weekends when we are moving at a slower pace and have time for a sit down breakfast/brunch.

Breakfast burritos are a major win in my house. You can fill them with what ever meats, veggies, egg/egg white, cheese combo you’d like. You can make one to eat now and the rest you can freeze for those busy week day mornings.

Breakfast Burritos

I like to dip mine in regular old salsa, but salsa verde, Tabasco, or Sriracha work well too.

Quick, customizable, and portable. Truly what else do you need for breakfast?

Breakfast Burritos make one to eat now and freeze the rest!


  1. This looks great to! Breakfast burritos are great on the weekends. They take a little too much time on the weekdays – unless I prepare some stuff the night before.

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