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View Recipe Mozzarella Stuffed Jumbo Meatballs

Mozzarella Stuffed Jumbo Meatballs

Jumbo meatballs, stuffed with mini mozzarella bites. This family favorite gets a JUMBO update and everyone is happy with the results.

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Browned Butter Shrimp Primavera

Primavera means Spring and this pasta is filled up with some delicious Spring flavor. Asparagus, lemon zest, shrimp, and Parmesan cheese all play well with browned butter. Quick enough for a week night dinner and fancy enough for guests makes this a big winner in my book.

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Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2015

It seems impossible that this is the last week of 2015. Where did you go?!...

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One Pot Cajun Pumpkin Pasta

In this dish you have sweet apple & gouda chicken sausages, cool and creamy pumpkin puree, and spicy cajun seasoning. Throw in some pasta and cook it up in one pot and less than 30 minutes you have dinner.

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Chicken Ravioli

If you have 15 minutes you can get this dinner on the table. Chicken “beefs” up the simple cheese ravioli.

View Recipe Meatballs for the Slow Cooker --from freezer to slow cooker

Meatballs for the Slow Cooker

These meatballs go straight from freezer to slow cooker and are ready in 10 hours. This gives you the time to go to work AND drive home without worrying about dinner.

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Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo (Gluten Free)

Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo is perfect for those nights where you just don’t have time to cook. The Alfredo sauce comes together just as quickly it takes to boil pasta. A delicious dinner in less than 30 minutes.

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ONE POT: Tuna and Noodle Casserole

My Pinterest feed is full of good looking food and lots of time I notice...

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Chicken (Turkey) Parmesan Casserole

Jazz up Thanksgiving turkey leftovers with a Italian inspired casserole.

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Turkey (or Chicken), Bacon, and Vegetable Stuffed Shells

Turkey leftovers. It always seems to happen. A cold turkey sandwich is good once but...

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One Pot Chicken Sausage Pasta

One pot meals are all the rage. Less dishes, dinner ready in thirty minutes, and using ingredients without funky preservatives make for a winning dinner!

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Vodka Tomato Cream Sauce

A restaurant worthy dinner in the comfort of your home.

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Supermarket Pad Thai

If you’re have a craving for this dish you should be able to satisfy that craving with this Supermarket Pad Thai. A bonus is if you use gluten free soy sauce this entire dinner is gluten free!

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Browned Butter Pasta

We have only been in 2013 for nine days, but boy what a busy nine...

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Sausage and Spinach Lasagna Rolls with a Pesto Tomato Sauce

WOW that title is a mouthful, at least it is a tasty one! My husband...