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Recipes using chili powder

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Enchiladas + Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Up your enchilada game with an easy homemade sauce. There is a new sheriff in town and it is Enchilada Tuesday and she is here to stay.

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Shrimp Fajita Bowls

Why wait in line at Chipotle when you can make your own burrito bowls faster, healthier, and full of your favorite ingredients?

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Combination Burrito with Chili Gravy

This burrito brought tears to my eyes. Not because it was spicy. Not because it...

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Smoked Almond Hummus

How do you feel about hummus? Are you new to hummus? Or are you a...

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Quinoa Chili

A chili so full of veggies, quinoa, and flavor it will have you singing it’s meatless praises.

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Southwest Chicken Soup

If you’re looking for a quick soup to warm you up tonight this is the soup! Not only is this a quick soup but it is a healthy soup. You get to enjoy almost 2 cups of soup for about 330 calories.

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Mexican Ground Beef

Disclaimer: I don't know how truly authentic this Mexican ground beef is. :) Growing up...

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Black Bean Soup

Last year spring I had the honor of developing six slow cooker soup recipes for...

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Three Bean Turkey Chili

The beginning of September in the Midwest means erratic weather, in the same week the...

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Snobby Joes

As I have said before, I have been cooking a vegan/vegetarian meal once a week. ...

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Nostalgic for Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican food, maybe. Well as authentic as a white girl from Iowa can make....