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Think.Start.Do Conference

*disclosure* I am an ambassador for this conference. However, that being said, I had already booked tickets to Chicago before I was approached to be an ambassador. This is a conference I am excited to attend and hope to see you there too! 

One of my resolutions this year is to grow this site as a business. I have listened to podcasts and have read umpteen blog posts about this topic and yet I still am apprehensive and feel lost. The at the end of December though I stumbled upon Think.Start.Do and became excited to learn more.

Think.Start.Do is all about empowering women through entrepreneurship. I am excited to learn from other women that have started and are running businesses they are passionate about. Listening to podcasts and reading about entrepreneurship is nice and all but there is something about being present and hearing the speakers live. Podcasts and websites can’t provide you with the same connections and Q&A that you will get at the conference. This is a small conference (around 100 or so people) so we will be able to connect, chat, network, and learn from each other so much easier than a large conference.

Your conference pass also gets you one year of free website hosting, access to private online forums, accountability groups, peer mentors, plus the backing of a vibrant community of female entrepreneurs and allies from around the world. The conference is just the beginning…

Join me in Wicker Park, Chicago April 7-8! Connect with the team on Facebook and Twitter. If you are planning on attending please let me know! I would love to chat.

So what are you waiting for? Get registered already! 😉

Use the code THINKSTARTDOIT2016 to save 50% by March 4


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