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Superbowl Sliders

Football fan are not words I would use to describe myself.  However, I can never turn down an excuse to make cute food for a party; I love entertaining guests.  I do know which teams are playing in the Superbowl this year, only because my nephew Andrew is a HUGE Steelers fan (I will root for them for Andrew) and because my sister told me the Arizona Cardinals is the other team (I never knew Arizona had a NFL team).  If forced to watch football, I would rather watch college games, the two teams I root for are (of course) my alma mater, GO PANTHERS and the best team in the state of Iowa, GO HAWKS! I haven’t lived in Nebraska long enough to bleed BIG RED.

If you are going to be huddled around the TV watching the big game, you will want easy to eat food. These sliders are perfect, they require only your God-given utensils. These are also easily personalized to your personal flavor preferences.

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