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Pie Perfect for a Picnic

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. We are under a major heat advisory here in Omaha this week so my Monday has been a tad bit lazier than normal. This weekend my husband and I spent five hours emptying out the garage, cleaning, and organizing it. In the 90+ degree weather. As if that wasn’t enough we went on a three mile hike on Sunday that quickly went from warm to mega hot. I spent my entire Sunday night trying to rehydrate.

Triple Berry Pie via Jamie's Recipes

If you are living in an area that is also under a heat advisory I recommend not using your oven until the sun sets. Once the sun sets and the temperatures drop (slightly) you should bake this pie. It is perfect for a Labor Day picnic this weekend.

Triple Berry Pie via Jamie's Recipes

I love pie. And I so want to be a good pie baker. Which means I will just have to keep practicing to perfect my technique. I really like an all butter crust. However, if you have a fool proof crust recipe PLEASE share it with me. I am willing to do as much practicing as necessary. I dream of one day living on a farm and selling pies with my harvest. A girl can dream, right?! I have had lots of practice recently baking three pies this month alone!

A few things I know I need to work on is rolling out the dough large enough so I can get a pretty crimp on my crust. I also need to work on my weaving abilities to make a pretty lattice. This crust was a cheat because instead of doing a lattice top like I wanted I just cut vents in the crust and pieced it together so when baked it sort of looked latticey. I used Deb’s from Smitten Kitchen all butter, really flakey pie dough recipe. She has a fabulous and detailed tutorial I suggest you check out if you need any pie dough help.

Triple Berry Slab Pie | Jamie's Recipes

If you need to feed a crowd may I recommend a slab pie. This is an ingenious idea using 1 1/2 batches worth of pie dough. I threw in extra berries to make sure it was hearty enough. This slab pie fed 12 adults with plenty of leftovers! *I used a 12×16 baking sheet however you could easily make this in a slightly larger baking sheet.

Triple Berry Pie via Jamie's Recipes

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  1. Jamie, I love pies! I need to also learn how to make pies…crusts are just so hard. Your technique looks flawless here. You won’t believe me when I say I baked a triple berry pie just yesterday!! Will be posting it on Wednesday.

  2. OMG! we heart pies and we can eat berries all the time,this triple berry pie looks so scrumptious,the perfect home made treat,will sure try this out for the weekend,thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Chuck the pan is a 12×16 baking sheet. There is plenty of crust to use a slightly larger baking sheet if you have one.

  3. Your pies look great! My mom is the QUEEN of pies. She used to make them all the time when I was younger because we had apple and peach trees and tons of wild blackberries…but of course I didn’t like pies back then. Now she rarely makes them, and I wish I had been paying more attention!

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