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Miso Pork Soba Noodle Bowl

At the end of last month I shared a recipe for Miso Marinated Pork which was good enough to eat on it’s own. However, I realize that not everyone will want to just eat their weight in pork for dinner. This soba noodle bowl is the answer to “what should I serve with that?!”.

Last year during a play date lunch my friend brought this soba noodle bowl over for lunch and I was in love. I loved it and more importantly my kiddos loved it. Their only commentary on the meal was that it could use a squeeze of lime or lemon juice. The original recipe is from the vegan goddess herself, the Post Punk Kitchen creator, Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I do feel a little guilty that I took a Jewish vegan’s recipe and added pork to it. But ladies and gents it is so good. It pairs so well together with the miso pork.

Pork Soba Noodle Bowl

I love this recipe for summer. Yes you have to heat up the oven to roast the cauliflower but I think you could slice it and grill it after the pork is done and that would work. I used lentils in the can so I didn’t have to boil them. Yay! I think it is great cold but Alex doesn’t really groove on cold noodles so I warmed his up in the microwave for a few.

I stuck with Isa’s recipe except for the addition of lemon juice to the dressing and a squeeze of lemon over the bowl before serving. What are you waiting for? Get your bowl on!

Recipe for the pork is here.


    1. Thank you Mary Ellen. Customizable dinners like this are perfect for families. Give me extra lentils and extra dressing, please!

  1. There is so much good stuff in this noodle bowl. I love the char I see on the broccoli. But what I want to try is the dressing. That would work on so many things.

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