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Garden Time

We have been back to visit my parents (and their large garden) almost every weekend this summer. The girls have loved helping my dad harvest the produce. I just got a call from Dad last night, and he is about ready to go in to panic mode, it is supposed to be very hot this week, and lots of vegetables will become ripe over the next few days.


Last night (Tuesday night) he picked two gallons of green beans. I helped him pick at least a gallon worth of green beans on Saturday.


This was the size of the cucumbers two weeks ago. This week they were big enough for Mom to make pickles. I think she made three gallons on Sunday, and Dad said they have enough cucumbers ready to go for a few more gallons –next time I go home, I am bringing my empty gallon jar to get my share of pickles, since they are a hot commodity around there.


We have been enjoying potatoes for the last month or so. This is a favorite activity for the grandkids to help out with. Dad planted 50 pounds of seed potatoes. So far he has harvested about 180 pounds of potatoes, by my estimates he still has about 2/3 left to dig up. My grandpa (red shirt) is in the background, he is digging up the last of the beets. Dad used that “free space” in the garden to plant some more green beans and some Sugar peas. The girls helped dig the rows for the beans and peas.


One of my favorite things about visiting my parent’s garden, is that I am able to introduce my children to the freshest vegetables around. As a child I loved eating a green bean that was still warm from the sun, or biting into a tomato like an apple, or pulling up a radish or carrot, shaking the dirt off, and biting right into it while still standing in the garden. Nothing can beat enjoying food the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


If you don’t have space for a garden, check around for a Farmers Market. Buy Fresh, Buy Local, and enjoy a damn good meal!

In Omaha check out:

Village Point Farmers Market: Sat 8-1 through Oct 3
Old Market Farmers Market: Sat 8-12:30 through Oct 10


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