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Cooking Camaraderie

My friend Jessie of Little Calorie send me a link to a Wall Street Journal article about “cook-through” blogs. This article talks about the new trend in food blogs; these are the blogs that cook and blog about every recipe in a particular cookbook. I haven’t cooked through an entire cookbook myself; but the idea does strike me as very interesting.

I have joined the group The Daring Bakers. Now The Daring Bakers aren’t a “cook-through” blog; but we are a community of bakers that prepare the same recipe each month. I have been a member of this cooking club for three months now and have enjoyed sharing the same recipe each month with hundreds of other bakers world wide. We have a private forum where we can discuss any problems we are having with the recipe. Having so many people working on the same recipe provides a wealth of information, regarding how to fix problems you may have encountered during your preparation. You post a question on the forum and several people will give you an answer what worked best for them.

If I were choosing recipes by myself, I may not be so daring. I joined Daring Bakers to learn new technique I may not have learned on my own. Many of my favorite bloggers are part of Tuesdays with Dorie. These brave people are baking their way through one of Dorie Greenspan’s cookbooks, posting their recipes every Tuesday.

Are you part of a cooking club, or cooking your way through a cookbook? Why have you joined a particular group? Please tell me about it.

Happy Eating!

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