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Cacio e Pepe Asparagus

Hello, Spring! I know spring is here when asparagus starts filling up the produce aisle. So fresh and so green, just like Spring. Roasted asparagus is absolutely one of my favorite side dishes. I took plain old roasted asparagus to the next level by making Cacio e Pepe Asparagus.

You may be asking what the heck is cacio e pepe. Simply translated cacio e pepe is cheese and pepper which honestly are such perfect partners. I have long enjoyed a simple bowl of boiled elbow macaroni seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and shredded (or grated) Parmesan. Little did I know there was a fancy name for that simple and humble dinner I ate almost weekly during college.

Cacio e Pepe Asparagus

With spring here and asparagus a plenty, I wanted to give it the cacio e pepe treatment. Last week I came across a recipe for savory Cacio e Pepe Cookies on The Kitchn and couldn’t escape the Parmesan and pepper combination. I knew I needed to get in the kitchen and use those two ingredients together on something other than pasta.

This side dish pairs perfectly with grilled meat and takes less than 15 minutes before it is ready. I tossed the asparagus in a couple tablespoons of shredded Parmesan before baking so it gets nice and melty and then also garnished the roasted asparagus with a few more tablespoons of shredded Parmesan before serving. This dish will be making a weekly appearance in my kitchen. It is a total new favorite!

What other dish would you give the cacio e pepe treatment?


  1. Asparagus is a favorite vegetable of mine and this recipe looks delicious. I really like baking asparagus because it seems to bring out the flavor and isn’t over moist. Ideal!

  2. Love this idea. Roasted asparagus with salt and pepper is one of my favorite sides, but I’ve never tried it with asparagus!

    I love making orzo this way, with Parmesan, pepper, and maybe a little splash of cream. So good. 🙂

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